An unforeseen change

The bombshell comes in Snailtwon. Turning the quiet village into a bubbling voice. The dancer of the palace was retiring and someone would have to occupy his place. Only a few can pass the tests and access to the public examination for a stable job, well paid, with a flexible schedule and perfect work-life balance.

At first sight, it is possible that it does not seem to be so epic as to kill dragons or to save princesses. Nevertheless,  after the revolutionary invention of the Ludos, devices that put the power of the gods in hands of the one who could pay it, the rate of unemployment raised in such a way that the fight for this employment promises being more  difficult  that  liberate a princess after a reasoned debate with the dragon

[vimeo 96819816]

Accompany Valki in this adventure 3D.  Select enemies, follow the steps rhythmically and overcomes the adversities. Explore, fight, solve puzzles to get the job of  dancer of the palace and don’t stop dancing.